Air Cooled Chillers

air cooled chiller rental

Air Cooled Chiller rental features:

  • Circuit lockout options to properly “size” any application to the heat load.
  • Trailer mounted, utilizing our large selection of trailer inventory designed to make delivery more efficient and ease maneuverability on your job site.
  • Industry standard Camlock plumbing connections (we can accommodate any connection).
  • Camlock quick connect power connections can be customized to be compatible with any power termination required.
  • Over current protection.

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Portable Air has one of the largest air-cooled chiller rental fleets in the industry. Our vast selection of portable, trailer-mounted air-cooled chiller units is guaranteed to increase your productivity resulting in less downtime for your project.

From the point of initial inquiry, you have a partner in Portable Air. Start experiencing the great customer service and products that our complete turnkey delivery, installation and maintenance options can provide. We will be in and out of your way quickly resulting in minimal downtime to your facility. Portable air-cooled chiller rental packages are specifically engineered to provide temporary chilled water for commercial and industrial air conditioning applications. We have air-cooled chiller units ranging in sizes from 15 tons to 500 tons, including the optional equipment necessary to increase the capacity up to 1500 tons or more for larger projects. These units can be used alone or in tandem applications for larger tonnage requirements. Portable Air will help you define a scope of work based upon a complete analysis of your application and rental needs. Whether it is a planned shutdown project, an industrial job or an emergency application, our trained technicians and delivery team will take care of every need from start to finish. Air-cooled chillers are widely used to provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications, such as refineries or power stations. Our chillers have been used to cool down facilities such as water parks, hospitals, plant farms, court houses, ice rinks and many more.

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