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Additional power options can include:

  • Redundant power solutions to eliminate loss of power in critical applications
  • Transformers
  • Transfer switches
  • External fuel tanks to extend time between fuel delivery, non-spill and environmental friendly
  • Power Distribution Accessories such as cable ramps, lighting, spider boxes, etc.

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Click on the KVA size below to view the spec sheet on that unit:

KVAMax AmpsFuelBurn RatePhaseVoltageLWH
2569.5A(208V) 30A(480V50 Gal1.7 GPH1 or 3120-480119"62"65"
45120A(208V) 47A(480V)69 Gal1.66 GPH1 or 3110-480146"68"68"
70200A(208V) 84A(480V)92 Gal4.7 GPH3110-480146"68"74"
100278A(208V) 120A(480V)198 Gal5.9 GPH3110-480196"79"85"
125347A(208V) 150A(480V)249 Gal7.3 GPH1 or 3120-480181"73"74"
150355A(208V) 180A(480V)368 Gal5.9 GPH1 or 3120-480217"84"103"
220600A(208V) 264A(480V)400 Gal12.4 GPH1 or 3110-480209"88"85"
4001,100A(208V) 481A(480V)479 Gal23 GPH1 or 3120-480264"94"101"
5001,390A(208V) 602A(480V)550 Gal24 GPH1 or 3120-480282"96"102"
7502,080A(208V) 902A(480V)1,750 Gal36 GPH1 or 3120-480480"96"162"
1,0002,780A(208V) 1,203A(480V)1,750 Gal50 GPH3208-480480"96"162"

Video overview of our Power Generators:

Portable Air provides complete turn key solutions for our client’s needs. Our extensive fleet of portable power generators offers all the power for our HVAC units as well as all the other power you might require. From simple exit signs and basic lighting, to advanced sound and light shows or large quantities of power outlets and expert power distribution projects, we have all the power covered with our industrial generators rental service. Our experienced team of knowledgeable, fully trained technicians can keep your event or facility running smoothly.

When it comes to industrial generator rental, the team at Portable Air is trusted all across Florida and the entire Southeastern United States. We offer complete temporary power solutions and that means more than just industrial generator rental. We also offer transformers, panels, spider boxes, adjustable breaker boxes, breakout boxes and event standard power cables. It’s everything you need to power your facility!

Portable Air has been an industry leader in industrial event equipment since 1987. Our talented, knowledgeable technicians are true experts who can match you with the portable power solution that’s just right for your needs. When you want only the finest, state-of-the-art equipment in the business, trust Portable Air to deliver. We stand behind all of the equipment we offer, and we guarantee it will perform to your expectations.

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