Air Conditioned Tent Rental

Air conditioned tentsInstalling Air Conditioned TentAir conditioned tents present unique challenges to set up, supply power, and run efficiently.  Portable Air has provided air conditioning for tents for some of the largest outdoor events in the southeastern United States. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding, a fair, or corporate event, we can provide an affordable cooling solution.  In addition to outdoor AC units, Portable Air supplies generators, misting fans, power distribution, and other equipment required to make your event comfortable.

In addition to the equipment being functional, aesthetics are another important part of supplying power and air conditioning for a tented event.  The professional installation team at Portable Air takes pride in their approach to ducting and cabling to keep them out of the way and always appearing neat and professional.

vertical AC unit for eventOur vertical, slim units have a footprint of 3’L x 8’W, so they can be placed in small areas, and units come with tent clamps so that they can seamlessly connect without causing any issues.

Portable Air has provided air conditioned tents for events all over the country.  In addition to their service of Florida, Texas and Louisiana, air conditioned tents and other equipment can be delivered to Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi. To get a quote for an air conditioned tent fill out the quote request form or call (800) 341-4297.

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