Air Conditioner Rental in Jacksonville, FL

Portable Air Building in FLPortable Air is a complete solution for your temporary climate control needs in Jacksonville. Our rental packages include delivery and installation, preventive maintenance, 24 hour technical service, and removal and pick up.

Choose from Our Temporary AC Options

Portable Air provides a variety of AC options, with capacities ranging from 10,000 Btu to 240,000 Btu, and from 1 ton to 80 tons of cooling power. Choose from a variety of options:

Spot Coolers

Our spot coolers range from 1 to 5 tons, and the units can be installed quickly and moved easily to where you need them most, which makes them a popular option for a number of applications. Portable Air’s spot coolers come with a “set-and-forget” 24 hour program to make it easy to set the temperature to the desired degree.

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Spot Cooler in Office

Temporary Air Conditioners

If you need to cool a larger space, like an entire building, we’ll set you up with powerful temporary AC units, ranging from 5 to 80 tons of cooling power. These units can be utilized as temporary cooling during system maintenance, emergency cooling during outages, supplemental cooling to bolster your existing system, or as standalone air conditioning units.

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industrial temporary AC

Event Air Conditioners

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you’ll need to keep your guests cool. Portable Air carries a number of options for events. Our vertical, slim units have a footprint of 3’L x 8’W, so they can be placed in very tight areas. These units come equipped with tent sidewall clamps, so they can seamlessly connect with tents. We also offer horizontal units, which are another popular option for tented events.

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vertical AC unit for event

Chiller Units

Chillers provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications, such as refineries or power stations. Portable Air’s chillers can be trailer mounted to make delivery more efficient and ease maneuverability on your job site. Choose from 15-500 ton options.

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Industrial Chiller

Rent Portable AC in Jacksonville

Portable Air has been providing temperature solutions to customers since 1987. Our Orlando warehouse location makes it easy for our trained team to deliver equipment to Jacksonville.

Whether you are planning routine maintenance or you need emergency AC, Portable Air will help keep your operation up and running. In addition to temporary AC, we also rent out dehumidifiers, generators, and air scrubbers.

Interested in a free quote? Fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-800-341-4297 to get started. We also serve nearby Daytona Beach and Tampa.