Air Conditioner Rental in Katy, TX

Air Conditioning Warehouse in HoustonPortable Air has been a leader in the portable climate control business since 1987. For more than 30 years, we have provided comprehensive services to our clients that include 24-hour technical service, delivery, installation, removal, and pickup.

Choose from Our Temporary AC Options

Our vast stock includes units ranging from 10,000-240,000 Btu and 1-80 tons of cooling power. We carry a wide array of models, including:

Spot Coolers

Our spot coolers are available from 1-5 tons. They are quick to install and easy to move, so you can transport them to where they work best for your space. Use the “set-and-forget” feature to program your unit on a 24-hour schedule.

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Spot Cooler in Office

Temporary Air Conditioners

Cooling a large space calls for a more powerful AC unit. Our temporary air conditioners are best for emergency cooling in the case of an outage, for supplementing your existing system, as a standalone unit, or for use during maintenance.

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industrial temporary AC

Event Air Conditioners

At outdoor events, maintaining comfortable temperatures is crucial. Thankfully, Portable Air has you covered. Our slim units are perfect for tent events. All of our units are equipped with sidewall clips, so that they can blend into the walls of your tent and stay in place. Their 3′ L X 8′ W footprint, available in horizontal and vertical models, allow you to find the perfect fit into you event.

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vertical AC unit for event

Chiller Units

We carry chillers that range from 15-500 tons and can be mounted on trailers. This makes it easy to deliver and maneuver them to your desired location. Chillers are ideal for power stations, refineries, or other large-scale sites.

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Industrial Chiller

Rent Portable AC in Katy

From our Houston warehouse, we serve Katy, TX and the surrounding area, providing AC units, generators, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. Whether you run into an AC emergency or have a project planned ahead of time, Portable Air can help.

To get started with our service, fill out the form on this page or dial 1-800-341-4297. We will begin with a free quote. Are services are also available in Sugar Land and Pasadena.