Air Conditioner Rental in Sugar Land, TX

Sugarland, TX Portable Air Conditioner RentalFor more than 3 decades, Portable Air has provided temporary, portable air conditioning to the Sugar Land area. We offer complete service that includes removal, 24-hour technical service, installation,  pickup, and delivery.

Choose from Our Temporary AC Options

We have a wide selection of portable air conditioners that are available for rental. Choose the Btu and cooling power level that works from you. Our selections are available in 10,000-240,000 Btu and 1-80 tons. These power levels are available in a variety of unit styles. Choose from:

Spot Coolers

These portable, easy-to-install units are available between 1-5 tons. Their ease of use means you can quickly set them up in the location that works best for your space. Our clients love the “set-and-forget” option that allows them to program the unit on a 24-hour cycle.

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Spot Cooler in Office

Temporary Air Conditioners

Whether you have a maintenance project scheduled in advance or you run into an outage, our powerful temporary AC units can be a good solution. These also come in handy when supplementing an existing cooling system or looking for a standalone unit.

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industrial temporary AC

Event Air Conditioners

Planning an outdoor event in hot weather? You should make sure your guests are comfortable with an event air conditioner. These units are 3′ L X 8′ W and come in either vertical or horizontal styles. Their slender design and tent wall clips allow them to seamlessly blend into your tent or other outdoor venue.

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vertical AC unit for event

Chiller Units

Available between 15 and 500 tons, these units are convenient and easy to maneuver. Have us mount them onto a trailer so that finding the perfect location for your unit is a breeze. If you’re working on a large-scale project, such as a refinery or power station, this style of unit is well-suited for you.

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Industrial Chiller

Rent Portable AC in Sugar Land

Portable Air has been a trusted name in AC rental since 1987. We rent portable and temporary AC units, air scrubbers, generators, and dehumidifiers to the greater Sugar Land area. If you are planning an upcoming project that’s months in the making, or if you have an unplanned AC emergency, we are available to help.

We will start things off with a free quote. Get started by either filling out the form on this page or calling 1-800-341-4297. We also serve nearby Katy and League City.