Just when Central Florida was preparing to enjoy some warm weather and sandy beaches, we were hit with an unexpected cold front! We went from shorts and tank tops to bundling up in layers overnight. If you were planning an event for this weekend and weren’t expecting the cold weather, you might have been caught unawares! So that leaves a very important question: What are my heating options when an unexpected cold front comes through?


You may have been planning on having an outdoor event on a patio or an outdoor wedding and thought the weather would be great when all of a sudden you check the news and there is a cold front coming through. Here are 2 heating options to keeps your guests comfortable and save your event/party:


1. Patio Heaters – Renting patio heaters is a great option to keep your guests comfortable and warm at an outdoor event when an unexpected cold front comes through. Patio heaters are quick and easy to set up and are visually pleasing, keeping a positive atmosphere at your event. Patio heaters are ideal for keeping guests/patrons warm at any outdoor location.


2. Vertical Air Conditioning Units – If you are hosting an indoor event where you will need heating, such as a wedding in an enclosed tent, Vertical HVAC units are a great option to provide heat. They can be set up quickly and built into the tent wall, keeping them visually pleasing to guests.


If you were planning on nice 70-degree weather for your outdoor event and woke up to find that it really will be 50-degrees instead, don’t worry! Portable Air has an elite line of Patio Heaters and Vertical Air Conditioning Unit rentals that can be set up at your event in no time! For more information, visit www.portableac.com or call 800-341-4297.