Spot cooling is used to fulfill a diverse range of cooling needs. Spot coolers really can be used just about anywhere cool air is needed. Here are 3 of the most common applications we’ve seen for our spot cooler rentals:

  1. Data centers—Having all of this expensive, heat-generating equipment in one place necessitates the need for an effective cooling solution. Even the best planned data center is still prone to having some hot spots. Spot coolers can be used to keep these hot spots a little cooler.
  2. Temporary classrooms—For expanding schools that use portable buildings and temporary classrooms, a portable air conditioner is a great solution for keeping these spaces cool and comfortable for students.
  3. Office buildings—While office buildings typically have central air conditioning, spot coolers can still be used in different situations. For example, employees who work late after the building’s AC has automatically shutoff can use spot coolers to stay cool. Another common use for spot coolers in commercial office spaces is when the main air conditioner is being serviced or repaired.

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