If you have a server room or data center, you know how important it is to keep it cool. An overheated server room can lead to a serious disaster of damaged equipment and lost valuable data. That’s where spot coolers can come in handy. By strategically positioning spot coolers in your server rooms, you can keep your server rooms within an ideal temperature range to avoid costly problems.

Here are 3 good reasons to use spot coolers in your server rooms:

  1. Overheating is one of the top causes of server failure—One of the most common reasons servers fail is because of overheating. This equipment can get very hot very quickly. Keeping your servers cool is priority number one. With spot coolers, you can cool off this valuable, sensitive equipment.
  2. Spot coolers can be positioned wherever you need them—Because they’re portable, spot coolers can be setup just about anywhere you want. That makes it easier to cool down certain pieces of equipment that might be getting too hot.
  3. Spot coolers could help you avoid server room redesign—If your server room regularly gets way too hot, it might be due to a design flaw. Rather than spending the money to redesign the room, you could use spot coolers as an alternative solution.

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