Who can benefit from HVAC purchases?

Industrial Installations, Computer Server Rooms, Construction Sites, and many other businesses across America have found that equipment sales from a reliable partner in the HVAC industry to be an ideal, cost-effective solution to power outages, a/c failure, or other temperature control and power supply needs.

Why is owning equipment beneficial?

Time is precious and avoiding downtime not only helps relieve stress, but helps maintain productivity. Owning professional grade equipment can also help maintain customer and employee comfort and safety during uncertain result from storms, equipment malfunctions, or electrical complications.


Why choose a business partner like Portable Air?

With quality equipment like portable spot coolers, air scrubbers, portable hvac systems, trailer mounted chiller units, portable power generators, and a full line of water damage restoration equipment, Portable Air provides a wide range of solutions to any cooling, heating, or power requirements to businesses or event planners in the central Florida or Houston, Texas areas as well as the greater south east and south west United States.

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