With the temperatures continuing to drop and the nights becoming cooler, heating options are becoming a necessity. Whether you are planning an event and looking for some heating options for a large tent or an outdoor patio, or are a business owner that has an air conditioning unit down for repair, there are several heating options to fit your needs.

Verticals_Top.pngVertical Package Units – Vertical HVAC Units have the ability to heat and cool large buildings as well as industrial size tents, offering the highest quality and reliability. Vertical HVAC rentals have a compact design and are ideal for medium and large indoor events, event tents, emergency relief tents, and locations with limited space in need of heating or cooling.

Horizontals_Top.pngHorizontal DX Package Units – Horizontal DX Units also provide both heating and cooling options. Horizontal DX Unit rentals are reliable and easy to use, and are ideal for indoor businesses, warehouses, events, and fully enclosed tented events. Horizontal DX Unit rentals are placed outside of your event location and vented in using the existing duct system of the building. If your event location does not have any existing air conditioning infrastructure, clear plastic ducting is used along with the Horizontal DX Unit, allowing for continued climate control for your event or business.


Patio Heaters – Patio heaters are ideal for outdoor locations on cool nights, such as outdoor waiting areas, restaurant patios, outdoor bars, and outdoor events.Patio heaters provide a warm, comfortable environment for your outdoor event, ensuring guest comfort. Each patio heater, on average, can heat an area of up to 15 feet in diameter.


Propane Heaters – Propane heaters are ideal for providing heat to outdoor events and tented events. Propane heater rentals provide thermostat control as well as an oxygen detection system for added safety control. Propane heaters are also odorless and quiet, keeping them from interrupting your event.


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