What is a Spot Cooler?

Simply put, spot coolers are a completely self-contained air conditioning systems with all the major components of larger ac units, but in a compact and easily maneuverable package.


How do Spot Coolers work?

The units themselves operate by drawing in ambient air through the return, which is passes over a closed-loop coil containing refrigerant, which not only reduces the temperature in the air, but also the humidity. The cold air is then pumped back out into the room through the supply. Many unit designs feature adjustable supplies so you can direct the air where it’s needed most. The cooling process does produce condensation which is typically drained either into an attached bucket, which when full, will temporarily shut the Spot Cooler off, allowing you to empty the bucket out and continue operation. Or you could use the attached condensation hose, which can be drained into and nearby drain or outdoors.

The result is a noticeable drop in temperature and humidity in the room, which is especially ideal for computer server rooms or any other environment that requires consistent temperature and ambient moisture levels.


What is the biggest challenge about spot cooler installation?

The biggest challenge is usually finding an adequate area to exhaust the warm air from the Spot Cooler. Of course, the most important part of placing a spot cooler is finding where it will most effectively reach people and equipment, but you also have to consider where that warm air is going to go. So keeping that in mind, the most ideal venting locations are typically drop ceilings, or nearby windows or doors either leading outside or an underused area of the building.

What are the most popular features of Spot Coolers?

Feedback from our clients show universal praise for both the portability of these units, and how easy the installation is and how user friendly the unit is overall.

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