2020 has been an interesting year for HVAC so far. New challenges have arisen in the form of the COVID pandemic and higher demands for green and smart technology, but the good news is our industry is thriving, with 2020 global demands for HVAC equipment set to increase 6% over the year.
Below are 5 top trends in the HVAC industry happening in 2020.

Going Green

More than ever, customers are looking for new ways to stay energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The HVAC industry will of course be influenced by new sustainable demands in the market, finding new ways to provide clean solutions. Possibilities include hydrogen or electric driven heating, as well as geothermal heat pumps, which have been an eco-friendly solution for a while. However, since Congress has reinstated a tax credit for geothermal heating technology, there may be an uptick in awareness and demand.

Exponential Growth

In the HVAC industry, a huge uptick in growth means new technological advances as well. This will bring in a new era of sustainability and lower utility bills for customers as well as innovative training for those entering the HVAC industry. The need for air conditioning optimization is growing as well, since the global demand for it is expected to triple by 2050.

Company Culture

To many workers, company culture is essential to business results. With such a huge growth in HVAC expected, this means plenty of new workers coming into the industry, therefore the company culture needs to adapt. This means thinking deeply about how work environment affects workers and their ability to perform, and to reward exceptional teamwork and jobs well done. This is one of the top trends set to increase in the coming years, and HVAC software solutions can help with tracking HVAC industry performance.

Efficient, Smart Comfort

With over 14 million homes in the U.S. using “smart” products, smart technology isn’t going away any time soon. We can expect the HVAC industry grow to meet this demand as smart HVAC systems are a top priority for many of today’s homeowners. This includes remote temperature control and integration of energy controls, self-regulation, sensors, Wi-Fi enabled products, and zoning. Zoning is energy efficient as well as convenient, therefore the ability to set different temperatures in different rooms of the home is ideal for many, and the demand for zoning is only expected to increase.

New Safety Measures Due to COVID

The HVAC industry had a bright future in 2020 but the COVID pandemic has affected it just as much as the rest of the economy. Many companies are transitioning to remote work and learning to navigate through virtual means. Moving forward, greater safety precautions for both employees and customers are vital, especially during essential repairs and service, and many of these precautions should remain once the pandemic has cleared.

Keeping an eye on industry trends is crucial to staying ahead in your business. The HVAC world is evolving fast with the times, so stay tuned for more industry trends we hope to cover in future at Portable Air.