If you find your company without air conditioning one day, renting a Spot Cooler may be the solution you are looking for to ensure that business proceeds as normal. Spot Cooler rentals are ideal for quickly cooling down areas when a company’s air conditioning unit has malfunctioned. Spot cooling is ideal for cooling smaller areas that are overheated instead of cooling an entire building, allowing an efficient and affordable means for cooling both people and vital equipment. Because Spot Coolers cool a smaller area, they are ideal for larger businesses such as hospitals, power plants, and other corporations that can get by with cooling only certain areas of the building while their normal means of air conditioning is down for repair.


Spot Cooler rentals are affordable, easy to use, and mobile, making them ideal for just about any location. Portable Air offers Spot Coolers for rent in the Houston, Pearland, and Harris County areas. Besides cooling people, Spot Cooler rentals are also ideal for rooms with computers and other equipment that must stay cool in order to properly function. If certain equipment overheats due to a lack of air conditioning, the repercussions can be detrimental!

If you find yourself in the Houston area during an air conditioning malfunction or power outage, Portable Air can provide Spot Cooler rentals in record time, ensuring that business can resume as usual. Spot cooler rentals are an easy, quick, and affordable solution to a comfortable work environment while your air conditioner is being repaired.

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