MistingFanTopMisting fans can provide significant cooling power, quietly dropping the temperature as much as 27 degrees in a space spanning more than 3,000 square feet. Misting fans do not get visitors to your event wet, and the fans create minimal moisture while still having a major impact on the temperature.

Misting fans are not only effective at dropping the temperature in large outdoor spaces, but they can also effect a significant change in temperature while using very little energy. This makes misting fans a very cost effective solution when cooling is necessary.

Misting fans are so effective at what they do, they are used by the military, as well as in the hospitality industry and for major sporting events. When you get large groups of people together and need to make sure that they are able to stay cool, a misting fan is a great solution.

Portable Air has misting fans available for rent, so you can try out the fans at your next event and see for yourself just how well the fans work to make your guests cool and comfortable. Don’t leave your guests suffering from the heat at your next outdoor event; contact Portable Air today about renting a misting fan.