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Spot Coolers: Server Room Super Heroes!

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There’s never a good time for your server room air conditioning to fail. EVER! But, as all facilities managers and data center managers know, the question is not IF mechanical equipment will fail. Unfortunately, it’s WHEN! Data centers require constant temperature control to ensure that servers and computers run efficiently and effectively. Any deviation in… Read more »

Temporary Heating Solutions

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Preventive maintenance (PM) plays an essential role in keeping your HVAC unit or units running smoothly and efficiently for years on end. Anticipating potential problems and issues upstream – before they occur – can save you big money and keep your tenants happy and productive. Still, even the healthiest rooftop units can break down or… Read more »

5 Reasons to invest in A/C for your wedding

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Every bride dreams of being a princess on her wedding day, looking picture perfect, and glowing with joy. But in the South, glowing can turn into sweating, thanks to the heat and humidity. If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, an air-conditioned wedding tent will be your saving grace. Imagine that big white tent,… Read more »

Top 10 Building Drying Tips

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Your essential guide to drying rooms and buildings after a flood disaster. The rain lashes down and drains block with fallen leaves and silt. The flood waters rise and search for new destinations. Houses, businesses, shops, offices, schools – the flood water does not discriminate between building types, only what ‘level’ they are at. Although… Read more »

Reflections on Hurricane Harvey

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Before Hurricane Harvey was just like any other hurricane scare in the past that I’ve ever experienced meaning I’m going to prepare but I won’t overdo it. It’s probably going to miss us and if it does, it won’t cause much havoc. I’ve lived through a lot of scares but never a direct hit. I… Read more »