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Advantages of Using Spot Coolers in Data Centers

Posted by Nancy Theiss & filed under Air Conditioning, Data Centers, Portable Air, Portable Air Conditioner Rental, Portable cooling rental, Spot Coolers, Spot Coolers Rental.

Keeping your data centers at optimum temperatures is a challenging task. Servers and computers have specific temperature requirements to function efficiently and effectively. Any deviation from such temperatures could cause servers to overheat; resulting in servers crashing or failing. This possible data loss can be detrimental to a company. There are several advantages to using… Read more »

Are You Spilling Your Candy in the Lobby?

Posted by Nancy Theiss & filed under Selling, Vertical Event HVAC Units.

Have you ever had those watermelon SourPatch soft candies at the theater? I love those things! But, the only place I ever eat them is at the movies. Some people do popcorn; I do SourPatch. It’s hard to eat a whole box of those things, but over the course of a two-hour show, it works… Read more »

Tips for Tent Event Cooling & Heating

Posted by Nancy Theiss & filed under Event Cooling, Event Generator, Event Rentals, events, Tent Heater, Vertical Event HVAC Units.

Event cooling and heating: back to the basics When it comes to party planning, even the most beautiful and festive d├ęcor will not count for much if guests are sweltering or shivering. Using the right portable cooling or heating equipment is vitally important to the success of an event. Here are the basics of providing… Read more »