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How Humidity Can Damage Your Building

Posted by Steve Bigner & filed under Air Conditioning, Dehumidifier Rental, Dehumidifiers.

Humidity doesn’t just make you uncomfortable but also causes problems and health hazards at every level of the building. Humid weather exacerbates moisture problems and often causes concerns in crawl spaces above the room and below. Moisture from the ground works with moisture from the humid air to generate condensation on the walls and other… Read more »

Heat Stroke: How to Beat the Heat in Florida

Posted by Steve Bigner & filed under Vertical Event HVAC Units.

Here in Florida hot sunny days can be dangerous for people working outdoors. Heat stroke occurs due to prolonged exposure to high temperature or sun. It progresses from mild illnesses like cramps and fainting to heat exhaustion. Heat, together with the harmful effects of the sun, can seriously endanger the health and safety of outdoor… Read more »