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Portable Air has been home to temporary air conditioning, heating, and power generation services for over 23 years, building client specific equipment and providing rentals to special events, businesses, and institutions. We have built a dedicated company and clientele over time which is why we’re now expanding to sell our climate control equipment direct to the consumer! Our extensive selection of rentals are temporary solutions, and our specialty manufactured equipment has customer requirements to consider and requires collaborative planning. However, we realize there are plenty in need of high-quality systems and accessories available for direct purchase. Since we are located in both warm-weathered Texas and Florida, we certainly know a thing or two about the vital importance of continuous climate control! 

Our new customer shop page will be dedicated to showcasing some of our best available products directly for sale, products are available now and ready for purchase. Check out our featured models of Airrex spot coolers, whether it’s the 1.2 ton HSC 14 or the 1.5 ton HSC 18. These highly effective and efficient spot coolers are eco-friendly, include high and low pressure warnings, and removable + washable filters for simple maintenance. We have several more Airrex spot coolers available to browse below as well. In addition, you have the option to purchase condensate pumps used to pump out the water in HVAC systems, and ceiling kits along with other HVAC accessories that will be for sale in the future. We will keep this page updated with current listings and our best HVAC direct for sale offerings! Whether you need a temporary rental for climate control, a specialty HVAC system built to your specifications, or need to purchase ASAP direct, Portable Air is confident we will be able to find a solution. Contact us today!