Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubbers and Spot Coolers: What’s the difference?

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Portable air scrubbers do just what their name implies: they ‘scrub’ the air. Air scrubbers clean the air by removing small dirt particles and other unwanted odors using high end filters. This allows portable air scrubbers to filter out 99.97% of the small particles in the air. Portable air scrubber rentals are designed to employ… Read more »

The Portable Air Scrubber

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A portable air scrubber is, essentially, an air filtration system. Generally set in the middle of the room, it performs exactly as its name suggests; it takes in air from the area and runs it through a HEPA filtration system to cleanse it of potentially harmful particles, then recirculates the better, cleaner air into the… Read more »

What Does an Air Scrubber Do?

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An air scrubber is able to capture dirty particles in the air. Air scrubbers help to maintain air quality so you are not breathing in particles like dust and other particulates that can affect your breathing and affect your health. Air scrubbers can also reduce the cleanup time for construction and other projects by keeping… Read more »