How Humidity Can Damage Your Building

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Humidity doesn’t just make you uncomfortable but also causes problems and health hazards at every level of the building. Humid weather exacerbates moisture problems and often causes concerns in crawl spaces above the room and below. Moisture from the ground works with moisture from the humid air to generate condensation on the walls and other… Read more »

Contstruction Drying Applications

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The effects of moisture inside a building under construction can become a serious problem for contractors as well as a danger to future occupants. Unless this moisture is reduced to acceptable tolerances, a contractor may be confronted with a variety of problems. They may be as small as construction schedule delays or as large as… Read more »

How Does Humidity Affect Air Conditioning & Heating?

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Most people know that excessive humidity can make them feel even hotter during the warmer months of the year. It comes as no surprise, then, that it has a major impact on the effectiveness of air conditioning systems. What people don’t often realize is that humidity has an effect on heating systems as well. When… Read more »

Top 10 Building Drying Tips

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Your essential guide to drying rooms and buildings after a flood disaster. The rain lashes down and drains block with fallen leaves and silt. The flood waters rise and search for new destinations. Houses, businesses, shops, offices, schools – the flood water does not discriminate between building types, only what ‘level’ they are at. Although… Read more »

Reflections on Hurricane Harvey

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Before Hurricane Harvey was just like any other hurricane scare in the past that I’ve ever experienced meaning I’m going to prepare but I won’t overdo it. It’s probably going to miss us and if it does, it won’t cause much havoc. I’ve lived through a lot of scares but never a direct hit. I… Read more »