Temporary Heating Solutions

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Preventive maintenance (PM) plays an essential role in keeping your HVAC unit or units running smoothly and efficiently for years on end. Anticipating potential problems and issues upstream – before they occur – can save you big money and keep your tenants happy and productive. Still, even the healthiest rooftop units can break down or… Read more »

Patio Heaters: 6 Commonly Asked Questions

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This time of year is perfect for outdoor events; however, once the sun goes down, it can become a little too chilly for comfort. Patio heaters are a great solution for any outdoor activity once the temperatures start to drop. For any outdoor setting, whether that be a wedding, an outdoor bar, or an outdoor… Read more »

The Best Heater Rentals for Outdoor Events

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If you are trying to plan an outdoor event in the fall or winter, you might be concerned about the chilly temperatures affecting your guests’ comfort. We all enjoy chilly nights at times, but for a truly enjoyable outdoor event during this time of year, you need to have some form of outdoor heater rental… Read more »

Renting Patio Heaters from Portable Air

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If you are planning on having any kind of outdoor event and if you are concerned about the temperature dropping during the festivities, you need to plan ahead to make sure your guests will be comfortable. An effective and reliable way to make sure your guests are warm enough is to rent a patio heater… Read more »

What to Look for when Renting a Tent Heater

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Just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean all outdoor events and activities stop. Fall and winter are still busy times for outdoor weddings and events of all types. Of course, if you’re planning an outdoor tent even during the cold months, it’s important that you take extra steps to make sure all of your guests… Read more »