Misting Fans

Cooling Stations Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses on the Jobsite

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No sooner does summer arrive in Texas and the news agencies are issuing heat advisories. For most of Portable Air’s customers, the heat is a serious occupational hazard! Avoid excessive risk by setting up cooling stations on your jobsite. Workers become overheated from two primary sources: 1. The environmental conditions in which they work; and… Read more »

Heat Exposure Prevention

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  According to OSHA, the foremost method of heat related illness prevention is to create a cooler working environment and minimize employees heat exposure. Air conditioning is of course the preferred option, whether that is in an office setting, break room, or vehicle interiors. Other options include expanding the ventilation from a main portion of… Read more »

Video Spotlight: Misting Fans

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Watch our video overview all about Misting Fans. Perfect for keeping your event space comfortable by cooling 3000 sq. ft. by up to 27 degrees without getting guests wet.

Top 4 Event Air Conditioning Rentals

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Have you ever found yourself planning the perfect event? Maybe a wedding or a large family reunion, or even a sporting event, or concert? One major concern is air conditioning. You want your guests to enjoy the event, and a comfortable temperature is required for this to happen. Whether the event is indoors, in a… Read more »