Misting Fans

Heat Exposure Prevention

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  According to OSHA, the foremost method of heat related illness prevention is to create a cooler working environment and minimize employees heat exposure. Air conditioning is of course the preferred option, whether that is in an office setting, break room, or vehicle interiors. Other options include expanding the ventilation from a main portion of… Read more »

Hot Weather Coming Your Way!

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It is only the middle of May, and summer hasn’t even begun, yet in Central Florida and Houston, Texas it sure does feel like it! With temperatures reaching the high 80s and low 90s, you could already find yourself staying inside as much as possible to enjoy that wonderful air conditioning that we are all… Read more »

Video Spotlight: Misting Fans

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Watch our video overview all about Misting Fans. Perfect for keeping your event space comfortable by cooling 3000 sq. ft. by up to 27 degrees without getting guests wet.

Top 4 Event Air Conditioning Rentals

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  Have you ever found yourself planning the perfect event? Maybe a wedding or a large family reunion, or even a sporting event, or concert? One major concern is air conditioning. You want your guests to enjoy the event, and a comfortable temperature is required for this to happen. Whether the event is indoors, in… Read more »

Misting Fans are A Great Solution

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When you are going to be hosting an event outside, vertical, horizontal or other HVAC systems designed for events can be a great option to condition a tented space and cool it down so your guests won’t be bothered by hot summer weather. However, for open air locations or smaller venues, sometimes full HVAC systems… Read more »

Are Misting Fans Effective?

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Misting fans can provide significant cooling power, quietly dropping the temperature as much as 27 degrees in a space spanning more than 3,000 square feet. Misting fans do not get visitors to your event wet, and the fans create minimal moisture while still having a major impact on the temperature. Misting fans are not only… Read more »

Using a Misting Fan at Your Outdoor Wedding

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Using a misting fan at your outdoor wedding may be one of the best ways to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Misting fans can be considerably less costly than portable outdoor air conditioners while providing convenient relief from the heat. They can be rented for a reasonable cost and your guests will appreciate that… Read more »

Using a Misting Fan for Your Outdoor Summer Event

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A misting fan is one of the best ways to address concerns about heatstroke and excessive heat at your outdoor event. Having an event outdoors in the summer can be a challenge. While many people like to enjoy the beautiful weather during the warm months, too much heat can make people uncomfortable and even make… Read more »

Misting Fans Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Cool

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An outdoor wedding can be a beautiful, unique, and unforgettable event, but one of the charms of getting married outdoor, the weather, is also one of the challenges. Most outdoor weddings tend to take place during the summer months, so finding a way to keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout the beautiful proceedings is… Read more »