A chilled water air handler is similar to an industrial HVAC unit; however, instead of using coolant, chilled water air handlers use cold water that is being provided by an air cooled chiller to provide cold air to a building. When determining what size chilled water air handler a building will need, the square footage of the building along with the size of the failed chilled water air handler are taken into consideration. Often times in a building with larger square footage, the system will require more chilled water air handlers.


Air cooled chillers chill water using a closed loop system for both industrial and commercial HVAC units. The air cooled chiller uses air to cool the water as it passes through the unit and then sends the water into the building’s chilled water air handler system. Portable air cooled chillers range in size from 15 tons to 500 tons and can be increased to 1500 tons with optional equipment. The size of the building along with the amount of chilled water air handlers the building currently has will determine which size air cooled chiller unit a building will need. When a building has a failed air cooled chiller unit, a rental air cooled chiller is typically chosen based on the size of the unit that has failed in order to provide the amount of chilled water that the building’s HVAC unit requires.


Chilled water air handlers and air cooled chillers work in tandem to provide cooler air and temperature maintenance to your building. These units can be used to provide temporary, supplemental, or emergency cooling to power stations, hospitals, water parks, court houses, and more. When determining what type of air cooled chiller and/or chilled water handler you will need, Portable Air technicians will provide units that are as close of a match as possible to the unit that has malfunctioned. The use of a chilled water air handler along with an air cooled chiller unit can potentially be more cost effective and efficient than a typical DX unit. The combination of these two units can also provide cooler air then a typical DX unit, making them ideal for locations that need a greater level of cooling than a typical DX unit can provide or that need very cool temperatures such as ice skating rinks.

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