Tired construction worker wiping forehead at site

According to OSHA, the foremost method of heat related illness prevention is to create a cooler working environment and minimize employees heat exposure.

Air conditioning is of course the preferred option, whether that is in an office setting, break room, or vehicle interiors. Other options include expanding the ventilation from a main portion of the building using air conditioning duct work, or installing cooling fans in more remote work areas such as outdoor construction sites.

For contractors, construction foremen, and facility managers, it is extremely important to know what your options are regarding employee heat exposure. Here are some serious considerations:

  • How many employees are being exposed, and for how long?
  • Does the weather play a part in making the heat worse because of little air movement and constant exposure to the sun?
  • Is there any form of ventilation in place?
  • Would the structure allow for a permanent air conditioning system? If not, what options are there?

Purchasing brand new systems and equipment is not your only option for short term solutions. There are companies that offer commercial quality mobile air conditioners and fan systems for rental, and with a reputable company like Portable Air, units can ideally be delivered within a 2-hour window. This eliminates the worry and concern a project manager might have regarding the down time created by air conditioning system repair, replacement, or installation.

Remote areas of a building can benefit from mobile self-contained a/c systems like Spot Coolers, while outdoor and exposed locations are a perfect fit for rental Misting Fans. These units and many others are stress free, requiring little to no maintenance from on-site staff. Any concerns or issues can be addressed by Portable Air thanks to their 24/7 emergency services.

Source: www.osha.gov/SLTC/heatstress/prevention.html