Sweating businessman due to hot climate

We know when the human body is exposed to constant levels of high heat, heat stress can become a serious concern.  As temperature, humidity, and hours of high heat increase, many may be at risk of experiencing heat stress or heat stroke.  This can result in occupational injury due to irritation to the senses, sweat in the eyes, fogging safety glasses, dehydration and light headedness.  Illness is also a serious concern. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can exaggerate and worsen symptoms of colds or other health concerns workers must contend with.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, workers that are at the highest risk are outdoor workers, and workers in hot indoor environments such as firefighters, bakery workers, farmers, construction workers, miners, boiler room workers, and factory workers. Anyone who is older than 65 years of age, is overweight, or has any type of heart disease or high blood pressure is also at a much higher risk for heat related illness and injury.

Top 8 Recommendations to Reduce Heat Stress:

  1. Increase Air Flow and Velocity by using adequate air conditioning or mobile cooling solutions such as a spot cooler or misting fan.
  2. Use heat-Absorbing or Reflective Barriers.
  3. Reduce Overall Humidity in the workplace with proper air flow or dehumidification and moisture eliminating equipment such as mobile dehumidifiers, vortex fans, and air movers.
  4. Limit the amount of time workers are in the heat.
  5. Train all workers and supervisors to recognize the signs, symptoms, and treatments of heat stress.
  6. Ensure each worker is paired up with someone else so they can monitor each other for signs of heat exhaustion.
  7. Provide cool, clean water near work areas and encourage employees to stay well hydrated.
  8. Assess the physical fitness of employees in hot environments. Do not subject anyone with ongoing serious health issues to a high heat work environment.

Many facilities may not have adequate air conditioning installations or may have remote work sites where air conditioning isn’t an option. For those businesses, it is recommended to partner with a temperature control purchase and rental company. For more information on rental a/c units or purchasing a/c units for your facility such as Spot Coolers, Air Scrubbers, Dehumidifiers, Chillers and more contact Portable Air today at www.portableac.com or 1-877-969-2821.