TOPAZ TZ-60A & ABThe average construction site is riddled with hazards. Heavy machinery, dangerous hand tools, toxic materials, debris…the list goes on and on. But one of the biggest hazards on a construction site is one you can’t see, touch, smell, or hear. It’s heat.

During the summer months, construction workers who are outside in the sun all day long are at serious risk for heat-related illnesses. From heat stroke to exhaustion to cramps and heat rash, there are so many potential medical problems that can arise from excessive heat exposure.

That’s why it’s so important that construction site managers take the necessary steps to protect their workers from the blistering heat. One of the most effective tools for managing heat on a job site is with portable air conditioning. A spot cooler, misting fan, or portable AC, can significantly cool an outdoor environment, providing an area for hot employees to go cool off and take a break. Renting a spot cooler or misting fan for your job site could save a worker’s life!

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