humidity and dehumidifiersHumidity doesn’t just make you uncomfortable but also causes problems and health hazards at every level of the building. Humid weather exacerbates moisture problems and often causes concerns in crawl spaces above the room and below. Moisture from the ground works with moisture from the humid air to generate condensation on the walls and other surfaces to create muggy feels and smells in the atmosphere.

In turn this can translate into mold and mildew issues not only on walls and windows but also on water pipes, toilet tanks and floors. Mold and mildew can get into wood flooring or carpets and may be hard to completely remove. Humid air can build up in walls which might attract mildew. Interior and exterior paint tends to bubble and peel under extended humid conditions. When a building goes unprotected from the humidity and outdoor elements then there is a chance for many adverse issues both hidden and visible to start destroying your building. Using air conditioning can reduce humidity while reducing temperature if done correctly.

Humidity also wreaks havoc on clothes, food and other stored items such as office paper. Dry foods can draw in moisture and quickly go stale if humidity exceeds 60%. Cansmay rust and leak in humid weather as well. If humidity is an issue, keep stored food in an air-conditioned space.

Have the right emergency plan in place to help fight conditions such as these. If you have air-conditioning problems or the need for temporary air please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know what Portable Air can do to help keep you and your building cool.