Step 1: Position Unit


Units are mounted on caster wheels, allowing for strategic placement wherever they would be the most useful. Typical locations include the center position of a room with the supply arms bent to nearly 90 degrees, allowing for maximum room coverage from one unit.

Step 2: Run Exhaust Duct


Using the included duct kit, find a suitable opening for the warm air exhaust to travel. Typically our technicians look for drop ceilings, or doors and  windows that lead to an under-used area of a building.

Step 3: Prep for Condensation


Take this opportunity to double check the condensation tank is empty and properly positioned. The take should fill within 6 to 8 hours of continuous use, at which point it will shut the spot cooler off so it can be emptied. No need to worry about overflowing! If using the condensation hose, secure it to an indoor drain or set it outdoors.

Step 4: Plug Unit In


Most Spot Coolers are designed to plug into standard 115V outlets or extension cords. All units are single phase with the 1-2 ton units operating at 115V and ranging from 12-20 Amps.

(Note) Some larger 3-5 ton units run at 220V requiring a 20 amp or larger circuit. Larger units are generally hard wired into a breaker.

Step 5: Settings


The interface on the front of the units is user friendly and allows you to set the temperature, fan speed, and timer. This is also where the unit will alert you of a full or misaligned drain tank.

Step 6: Position Supply


Many units’ designs include adjustable supply arms that can be directed where air flow is most needed. If the situation requires, one unit can direct air to two locations within a 130 degree area.

Step 7: Simple Maintainence 

From this point, the unit can be left on to operate normally, with temperature and supply arms being adjusted as needed. Simply keep an eye on the condensation tank and hose to make sure the unit is draining as intended. If you need to move the unit, be sure to power it down and unplug it before attempting to relocate.

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