Instant HVAC failure.

Here’s a scenario for you: You come in to work at the office, or plant, or medical facility, and you notice something isn’t quite right. The air is warm and muggy, the moisture is higher and the air vents are not cooling or heating as they should. Maybe you notice strange noises coming from your air conditioning vents. Maybe there are aliens crawling around in the air ducts! Or, more likely you have an old, broken or failing HVAC system.

The immediate next step is having an on-site technician or third party repair company diagnose the problem and how to fix it. Sometimes it’s just a part or two that needs replacement, but on occasion it’s the entire system. Many times in industrial settings, larger and specialized HVAC systems require extensive repairs or parts like fans, coils, or compressors that companies may not regularly stock. All of that results in longer than expected wait times without air conditioning which is a potential nightmare especially in the summer heat.

So the next question would be: What now? How do you maintain productivity and comfort levels of customers and staff while your main A/C system is down? That’s where a reliable HVAC rental service like Portable Air comes in. We know that people are facing immediate problems, and in many cases are under pressure to find a solution very quickly. Once you call us, our response time is immediate. Considering location and availability, the turnaround time may be only 2-3 hours from the quote process to our technicians showing up, installing the unit, and having you back up and running.