HVAC: What is a Vertical Air Conditioner?


Vertical event air conditioning units are completely self-contained a/c systems in a vertical cabinet, just as the name implies. Their design allows for installation in venues where space is a concern and can be a more economical approach for event planners, as more units can be delivered on a single truck. This cuts down on shipping and logistics pricing. Typically with a small footprint of only 3×8 feet, these units are designed to be maneuvered and placed in tight areas. Vertical HVAC units are attached to fork lift skid plates for precise placement by a qualified technician.

One of the most beneficial features vertical a/c rental units is their ability to be flush with a tent or other structure’s wall, making it nearly seamless with the surrounding environment. All electrical hookups and panels are outside so there are no cables or anything else getting in the way of your event or potentially causing an obstruction to your guests.


Vertical Air Conditioners: What Placement Issue?

Even if placement directly on the wall of a structure isn’t an option, vertical units can be hooked up with 12 inch duct plenums, with the warm or cool air brought directly into the building through duct work. The vertical unit can be placed several feet from the building if the terrain or shape of the structure won’t allow for closer installation.


Vertical Air Conditioners: How do they work?

On the interior, the ambient air inside the room is pulled in through the return which is indicated by two larger grated panels. Near the top of the unit, the processed cool air is delivered back into the room through the supply.

On the outside, outdoor air is pulled in and used to help with the condensing and cooling process. Excess warm air that is left over from the cooling process is expelled outside through the exhaust. Also outside is where you’ll see the user control panel. Here you can see indicators and switches including phase, power, and a toggle between heating and cooling.

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