Among the types of HVAC units, there are those suited to homes, and those for industrial use. Residential owners sometimes utilize split air conditioners for smaller cooling loads. For a more efficient use of space and materials, however, packaged air conditioners, or HVAC Package Units, are self-contained systems which have larger cooling capacities. These are also suited to industrial utilization, as they leave plenty of indoor space for a business’s other essential materials.

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In split systems there is an outdoor part and an indoor part; the outdoor portion holds the compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit contains the heating and evaporating components. Industrial packaged air conditioners contain all the essential parts of the cooling system encased in a single, outdoor unit; the filter, cooling coil, and other elements are packaged together in one manageable unit.

They come prepackaged by the factory, and may be vertical or horizontal. They may contain different cooling systems within, such as water or air-cooled condensers. Some systems also have heat available in the form of heating coils or a natural gas furnace, so the unit may be used all year. Because everything is in one place, HVAC Package Units are efficient in terms of space, and are generally easier and less costly to install. Because everything is contained in one unit, they may also be more portable.

Portable Air offers HVAC Package Units for rent, making them mobile, compact, and additionally useful. Our vertical units may be lifted via forklifts at various points an installed in small spaces. They come with clamps so that they may be firmly attached to tents and other structures. Our horizontal units have reliable power connections, skid bases, and forklift pockets. If your business needs any type of portable, manageable, space-saving HVAC unit, call us to find out just how easily we can provide you with what you need.