Too hot at work? Spot coolers can help keep your employees cool and comfortable.

Is your industrial facility too hot? Do you have particles in the air making people sick? Is the industrial area too humid or are you concerned about getting power to your industrial work zone in case of an outage? If you find yourself facing any of these issues, there are solutions.

Portable Air provides assistance to companies with their temperature control, air quality, and power needs. From spot coolers for keeping your workplace cool and comfortable to generators to keep your facilities powered up in the event of an outage, we have it all. We also offer air scrubbers to help you improve air quality and ensure you are not allowing your staff to breathe in dangerous particles. Portable Air has a wide variety of industrial rental solutions, and we also have top of the line equipment for sale if you wish to purchase your own solutions permanently.

An industrial facility needs to comply with requirements set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and must provide a comfortable work environment to maximize productivity and ensure employee safety. Portable Air will partner with you to provide you with the rental equipment you need to ensure you are creating the safest and most comfortable work zone possible. Visit www.portableac.com today to learn about our industrial equipment rental and sales offerings so you can see all the ways in which we can assist your business.