Keeping your data center cool is a top priority. With such valuable, sensitive equipment requiring so much power and putting out so much heat, a sound data center cooling strategy is essential for protecting your technology. Of course, there are important issues to consider when planning your data center cooling strategy, including your budget and special requirements.

Portable air conditioning has become one of the most popular ways to keep data centers at the proper temperatures. Spot coolers can be utilized in numerous ways to keep data centers cool, including:

  • Emergency cooling—What happens if your main air conditioner breaks down or requires maintenance? How are you going to keep your data center from overheating? Portable air conditioners offer a reliable solution that allows you to safely keep your equipment up and running.
  • Additional cooling—Sometimes, your building’s air conditioning might not be enough to properly cool every area of your data center. Spot coolers can be used in key areas where additional temperature control is required.
  • Temporary cooling for specific situations—Certain situations may dictate the need for temporary cooling. For example, if you’re shutting down one server for maintenance and shifting that load to other servers, those servers doing extra work will be hotter and thus require additional cooling. Portable air conditioners can do the job.

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