Do you need to rent horizontal package HVAC units with heat for your event? Package units come in all sizes and offer a range of different features, making it difficult for some to determine which unit best fulfills their needs. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few pointers to help you out when renting horizontal package HVAC units for your special event.

  • Size matters —The first thing you need to know before renting a unit is the amount of space that needs to be air conditioned. Obviously, the larger the space the more powerful the unit will need to be. At Portable Air, we have an entire fleet of horizontal package units available in 10 ton, 25 ton, 30 ton, and 50 ton sizes. Let us match you with the right size unit for your event.
  • Quiet operation —It’s important that your package unit is quiet and reliable. A loud, noisy HVAC unit can be distracting and annoying, ruining your event. All of our package units offer ultra quiet operation so your guests can feel the air and not hear it.
  • Energy efficient —Energy efficiency is a key feature to look for in you horizontal package unit. Today’s best units offer optimal cooling and heating performance with maximum energy efficiency, keeping your event costs down.

Portable Air offers horizontal package HVAC units in a range of sizes for all your event cooling and heating needs. Like us on FaceBook.