As the cold winter months come to a close, many construction projects will start ramping up in all parts of the country for spring and summer. While these are prime seasons for getting outdoor work done, they can also be dangerous for workers. Climbing temperatures can put outdoor workers at risk for heat-related illnesses, so it’s important that job site management personnel take the necessary steps to keep workers safe and cool.

Power BreezerMisting fans can play a valuable role on all types of commercial job sites. A quality misting fan can greatly cool any outdoor space, keeping workers protect against heat stroke and other heat-related illness.

The Power Breezer that we offer is strong, compact, and easy to assemble. This misting fan can quietly cool over 3,000 sq. ft. by up to 27 degrees! It’s also specially designed to keep outdoor spaces cool and safe without getting workers or equipment wet.
By taking the added precaution of using misting fans on your job sites, you can keep your workers safe, comfortable, and productive throughout even the hottest months.

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