An outdoor wedding can be a beautiful, unique, and unforgettable event, but one of the charms of getting married outdoor, the weather, is also one of the challenges. Most outdoor weddings tend to take place during the summer months, so finding a way to keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout the beautiful proceedings is important. That’s where misting fans can be so useful.

Misting fans are specially designed to cool large spaces efficiently and with minimal moisture and energy required. In fact, the Power Breezer misting fan can quietly cool over 3,000 sq. ft. by up to 27 degrees! And it can do this without getting your guests, decorations, or equipment wet.

Misting fans are ideal for cooling outdoor spaces and partially covered spaces. And because they use so little energy and are fairly discrete in size and noise, they are really an ideal cooling solution for outdoor weddings. You can rent misting fans at an affordable rate and ensure your guests are nice and cool on your big day!

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