Portable Air has added an elite new line of Spot Coolers to their fleet of cooling equipment: The Temp Cool 1.5 Ton Spot Cooler. A single Temp Cool Spot Cooler can cool approximately 500 to 600 square feet. These Spot Coolers also offer a sleeker and more pleasing body style, making them well suited for banks, offices, and other professional settings.

TempCool Spot Coolers.jpg

These new Temp Cool 1.5 Ton Spot Coolers continue to offer the features that made the previous Spot Coolers so user friendly. With just a few easy to follow directions, the Temp Cool Spot Coolers can be maintained by the renter without difficulty. Spot Cooler rentals are powered using a standard plug and wall outlet and have a digital thermostat control, allowing you to adjust the temperature to what best suits your facility. The Spot Cooler can be programmed and left alone for up to 24 hours at a time. Due to their size and mobility, Spot Coolers are ideal for almost any indoor location. The Temp Cool 1.5 Spot Cooler units measure at 28”L x 23”W x 47”H. The new Temp Cool Spot Coolers are also relatively quiet, operating at a loudness level of 61 decibels.

If you are looking for a temporary indoor cooling solution for your business or facility, look no further. These new Temp Cool 1.5 Ton Spot Cooler are just what you are looking for!

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