This time of year is perfect for outdoor events; however, once the sun goes down, it can become a little too chilly for comfort. Patio heaters are a great solution for any outdoor activity once the temperatures start to drop. For any outdoor setting, whether that be a wedding, an outdoor bar, or an outdoor restaurant, patio heaters are a great investment that can help to improve customer and guest satisfaction. For those who want to enjoy time outside in the fall and winter months, patio heaters can create a warm and safe outdoor environment. Here are six commonly asked questions and answers about patio heater rentals.

  1. How large of an area can a patio heater heat? On average, a patio heater will provide heat to a diameter of 15 feet. If you know the size of your event location, technicians at Portable Air can help you determine optimum placement so that you can get the most heat coverage from your patio heaters.
  2. Can patio heaters be used indoors? No, patio heaters must be used in an open location.
  3. How large is a patio heater? A typical patio heater is eighty-eight inches high with a diameter of thirty-two inches.
  4. What type of fuel does a patio heater require? Patio heaters use liquid propane to generate heat.
  5. How long will a patio heater provide heat? Patio heaters can run for ten hours on one tank of liquid propane.
  6. How do I set up a patio heater? Patio heaters come on wheels, making them easy to place wherever they will provide the most heat to your guests. Portable air offers full service placement and setup, making sure that all of your needs are met.


With their ease of use and versatility, patio heaters are the perfect solution for your outdoor event on a chilly night.

Portable Air is dedicated to meeting your heating needs. If you have any other questions about patio heaters and patio heater rentals, visit or call 800-341-4297.

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