A portable air scrubber is, essentially, an air filtration system. Generally set in the middle of the room, it performs exactly as its name suggests; it takes in air from the area and runs it through a HEPA filtration system to cleanse it of potentially harmful particles, then recirculates the better, cleaner air into the room. These portable machines are beneficial for many circumstances, as we can all do with cleaner, more breathable air where we work and live.

Air Scrubber Top

Breathable Air

Air quality is a concern at any work site, but particularly those at which workers deal with dust and other particles that may be breathed in. Restoration and cleanup operations, for example, may expose employees to all sorts elements in the air, as can industrial facility work. Gases, chemicals, dirt and soot, allergens and spores, and much more can be both irritating and dangerous. Of course, safety precautions are required by law to protect workers from these things. Yet, adding a portable air scrubber is another efficient method to aiding prevention by maintaining clean air.


This means that, not only will workers breathe cleaner air, but the air that passes through the HVAC system and other filters will be more pure. Over time, air impurities can build up in equipment, air systems, and the general environment. Impurities can coat and clog filtration systems and equipment, hindering their full potential. An air scrubber can help prevent this buildup and keep things functioning better over time.

Portable air scrubbers are reliable and can filter out a high percentage of particles from the air, leaving you with better, less odorous, and overall more breathable air. At Portable Air, we have dependable portable air scrubbers for use at your facility. If you need to efficiently better your site’s air quality, call us today and ask about our air scrubbers.