FACT: Not all portable cooling equipment rental companies are the same. In fact, there has been an influx of spot cooler rental companies in recent years, thanks to the increased demand for this. Unfortunately, not all of these equipment rental companies offer the same level of service or the same selection of equipment. And for you, the customer, this could result in wasting your money renting a spot cooler that doesn’t fit your needs.

Some portable cooler rental companies have minimal inventories. They don’t want to make the investment in purchasing a good selection of equipment for customers, so they only have a few spot coolers to choose from. Unfortunately, this means that you may end up renting equipment that’s not right for what you need. If you only need a 1.5 ton spot cooler, but the company just has 5 ton spot coolers, that’s a lot of extra air conditioning that you’re paying for that you don’t really need.

Your best bet is to choose an equipment rental company that has an extensive fleet of cooling products, helping to ensure you get to pick the cooling solution that best fits your needs.

Portable Air offers spot cooler rentals to customers across the Southeast United States. Learn more at www.portableac.com

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