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With the temperature dropping, the time for portable and space heating is upon us. Anyone who’s worked in an office knows how frigid it can be, and though getting outside to enjoy the cool weather with loved ones is a favorite late season pastime, heating is essential for comfort. Whether you’re throwing a party or gathering, lighting up a fire-pit, need small space heating, or you’re preparing for the cold season at your job site, Portable Air can assist with portable heater options that suit a variety of needs. We offer vent-free tent heaters and a forced air, fan heater, but also offer flame dancers, LED table top heaters, patio heaters, fan-forced utility and unit heaters, portable convectors and baseboards, 1-ton heat pumps, and even large scale heating with 5-ton-50 ton horizontal and vertical package units.

Smaller, portable heaters are ideal when a main heating system is inadequate, too costly or expensive to operate, or cannot be used in the space provided, such as outdoor and event spaces. However, safety concerns for portable and space heaters are always at the forefront of our thought process. Since it’s such a huge priority at Portable Air, our portable heaters are constructed with extensive safety features and easy to control settings for convenience and preference. Most come with overheating automatic shut-off, tip-over safety switch (which will turn the heater off if it happens to tip over), and plugs ready for use in any standard household plug-in.

Built to be sturdy and durable for indoor and outdoor use, our portable heaters work wonderfully in large reception tents, construction sites, and other enclosed outdoor spaces, as well as garages and workshops. We even offer under-desk heating to warm legs in chilly office spaces, with radiant plug-in for the utmost safety. Our job site options make work breaks from the cold all the more bearable, and when the party is going great but the guests are shivering, tell them where the heater is and watch them flock to warm relief. A drink in their hand, they’ll soon be toasty inside and out thanks to your Portable Air heater.


If you’re planning for an event, need emergency heating, portable heating for the office, or continuous heating for your work site, we have you covered. We have three locations across the U.S., conveniently offering delivery in Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, and Leesburg, LA. Contact us today to get started!