Disaster3.jpgWhen disasters occur, the first thing with which most people are concerned is life. We seek to keep people alive by provide food, shelter, water, and medical supplies and attention as needed, depending upon the circumstances. Power loss during and after these events also leaves people at the mercy of temperatures, and this is an important detail to address once the essentials have been covered. In these moments, available power, heating, and cooling units become important.

When a location is hit with a sizable storm, be it winter or rain, the resulting needs could include power and temperature regulation. In the case of a winter storm, when the power goes down, emergency services may need help powering the locations and services they provide to the areas they serve. In these circumstances, heat is particularly important to keep the responders and locals warm and safe in the extreme cold conditions.

The same can be said for severe rain and flooding. Rescue and emergency teams need power generators, HVAC equipment, breakers, panels, outlets, and more to power them and those who need them through the storm. In any disaster relief efforts, there are many rental options that Portable Air can offer to aid people in the relief work.

Vertical units, for example, can be lifted and portable to a location. It is compact to prevent taking up too much space, and can be attached to a tent or temporary emergency structure. Portable commercial generator rentals provide essential power solutions to locations without electricity, perfect for disaster relief aid; they’re available when it matters.

Portable Air has commercial, portable electrical power, heating, and cooling systems that are very suited to emergency services and disaster relief efforts. We offer power distribution equipment, generators, HVAC equipment, and more to aid our fellow man during hard times, particularly those which they cannot control, like nature.