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As the United States continues reopening job sites during the COVID pandemic, increased implementations of safety measures for employees and staff have become a crucial concern. This is especially true during the summer months, when the heat is unrelenting and sometimes brutal. And when you venture inside, safe air quality is something that should be a top priority, as good ventilation and airflow are vital with worries surrounding COVID. Check out Portable Air’s tips below to increase safety measures and garner quality airflow!

Ventilation and airflow

Experts such as ASHRAE have mentioned that proper ventilation can dilute virus particles in the air and help slow the spread of COVID. Experiment with airflow at your site to determine a pattern that works best for all. Airflow is essential for the health and safety of employees, so try to direct clean air towards less clean air if you can, and use open windows to bring in fresh air from outside on occasion as well. However, try not to use outside air too much, as it can impede your HVACs function by making your cooling system work overtime in summer and drive up energy costs. When outside air isn’t an option, mechanical ventilation can work beautifully as well, controlling the amount of outside air that enters your space and using ducts and fans to direct the fresh air where its needed, and to exhaust air from other spaces such as kitchens or restrooms. 

Check on your filter

A high-quality air filter can make all the difference, especially when viral contaminants are a concern. Check your air filters thoroughly to see if they need replacing and make sure to do your research when upgrading, as filters vary when it comes to the amount of particles they can remove from the air. The MERV system is a good metric to go by when it comes to this. The MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) shows how well your filter is working and filtering the air. Higher MERVs mean more particles removed; therefore the filter will be better able to reduce the spread of damaging contaminants. Your HVAC system was made with a specific amount of airflow designed to work with it, therefore the MERV should be carefully considered for the appropriate balance of efficiency and airflow your site needs. If you need to discuss with an HVAC expert, we got you there!

Safety measures for surfaces

Healthy environments need to be maintained in the air and on commonly used surfaces as well. Make sure to regularly disinfect and clean your site, and lay out plans regarding social distancing. Keep cleaning products readily on hand as well for spontaneous clean-ups where needed. While you’re transitioning back to normal, keep an eye on health official recommendations about which practices to incorporate into your site. 

Possible equipment upgrades

Portable Air is here to provide cooling and ventilation equipment that’ll improve workplace health conditions during the summer COVID pandemic and beyond. Ventilation and airflow maintenance is a tricky process for even the most experienced user, but Portable Air’s HVAC specialists can help guide you through our wide array of climate control products to ensure your facility is prepared to open up safely again. Feel free to browse our new direct sale shop, or contact us with any questions or request a quote today!