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When air conditioning units fail in the southeast, it can be very difficult to determine what type of needs your company will have. In the late fall and early winter months, you may still be encountering warm temperatures during the day causing you to need cooling options, but then experiencing cool temperatures at night that require heat. There are several options for you and your facility.


  1. Horizontal HVAC Units: Horizontal HVAC units are ideal for providing both air conditioning and heat. This one unit can unsure that productivity will continue when your facility’s HVAC unit is down for repair. Horizontal HVAC units are ideal for warehouses, hospitals, and any other fully enclosed facility. Horizontal HVAC rental units can be installed quickly and efficiently in order to make sure that you air conditioning needs are met.
  2. Vertical HVAC Units: Vertical HVAC units also provide heating and cooling features; however, they are more compact, having a foot space of only 3’ x 8’. The more compact nature of Vertical HVAC units makes them ideal for locations with limited space. Vertical HVAC rental units can be used to provide both heating and cooling options for large locations and smaller locations with tight spaces, as well as tented locations such as enclosed event tents, disaster relief tents, and more.


Due to the specific parts needed to repair air conditioning units, your facility could be facing a turnaround time of days or weeks when waiting for the needed parts to repair your current a/c unit, making a temporary air conditioning solution necessary. Horizontal HVAC unit rentals and Vertical HVAC rental units are an ideal solution for both your cooling and heating needs. Both units can also be installed quickly, allowing for installation in time critical situations.

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