Renting Air Conditioners

So let’s face it, whether it’s the age of your air conditioning system, or some type of equipment damage, your HVAC unit will eventually need service or repair and you may have to consider renting an air conditioner.  That’s going to produce several unique problems especially for folks in the south east and south west United States in states like Florida or Texas. While your business’s air conditioning is down, you’ll have guests and employees facing indoor temperatures of up to 90 degrees.


That’s when you need a solution immediately from a committed expert in the HVAC industry.  For temporary air conditioning rentals designed to work in office settings or even industrial warehouses, one of your best options are portable Spot Coolers.

Spot Cooler Top

Spot Coolers are fully functional self- contained air conditioning units. With adjustable supply vents, you can direct air where it is needed, and since they plug into standard 110V outlets they can be placed virtually anywhere. Processed air is vented through a duct into a drop ceiling or out a door/window, and supplied air helps the room feel cool, crisp, and in many cases helps reduce standard room humidity.