If you are a small business owner who leases a building from a larger shopping center such as an indoor mall, you’ve likely never had to worry about your air conditioning – that is, until the hvac system quits working.

When the air conditioning stops working at a mall, customers are likely to stop coming! This will greatly impact the revenue for individual businesses very quickly. The owners of the shopping mall might consider renting a supplemental air conditioning system until their in-house air conditioning system can be repaired. However, if it is not required as part of their contract, they may not be inclined to help, leaving your business and customers without air conditioning. Depending on the air conditioning unit and what is wrong with it, it could be down for a day, several days, or even a few weeks depending on what parts are needed. In this case, the solution to this problem may be up to you.


Renting a Spot Cooler is a great solution when this happens. Spot Coolers are an affordable cooling option that can cool an area of approximately 500 to 600 square feet. This makes them ideal for cooling small businesses when an entire building’s air conditioning unit is down for repair. Spot Coolers are also relatively quiet, blending into the background noise, keeping them from taking away from the atmosphere found at your business. The newer Temp Cool 1.5 Ton Spot Coolers found at Portable Air are also very sleek and appealing, helping to keep the environment pleasing to consumers while the air conditioning unit is down.

Spot coolers are easy to maintain following installation. Spot Coolers have a programmable thermostat, allowing you to program the Spot Cooler to cool your business to the desired temperature. Technicians at Portable Air can help you place Spot Coolers at prime locations around your facility for optimum cooling as well as provide you with a few simple directions so that your store, employees, and customers will be cool in no time!

If you are in need of a temporary indoor cooling solution for your business or facility, look no further. Renting a Spot Cooler is just what you are looking for!

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