Spot Cooler rentals are ideal for many locations including hospitals, data centers, stores, schools, offices, and banks, just to name a few. They can quickly be set up in an emergency situation, rented for special events, or rented for the scheduled maintenance of a buildings HVAC system. Spot coolers are also an excellent cooling option because they can quickly be set into place, are quiet, and are easy to place in almost any location.


Even though Spot Coolers are easy to set up and maintain, there are still a few things you want to be aware of when renting a spot cooler to ensure optimum performance.

  1. Replace the air filters when needed: Just like your air conditioning unit at home, Spot Coolers have a filter that needs to be changed every so often so that the Spot Cooling unit will continue to cool the air in your building to the desired temperature. Some filters are reusable and can simply be washed, while others may need to be fully replaced each time.
  2. Keep the Spot Cooler clean: By keeping the unit clean, you can inhibit harmful debris from entering the Spot Cooler and interfering with the Spot Coolers performance.
  3. Don’t obstruct the return air vent: Make sure the return vent is not against a wall or blocked by boxes or other equipment. If the return air vent is blocked, the Spot Cooler will not work correctly.

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