Spot Coolers and Industrial Use



In places like Houston, Texas people are very familiar with hot weather—not to mention how much worse it can be with the high humidity common to the area. Many of us have the benefit of air conditioning on a daily basis, but some do not. Often, industrial sites—construction areas, large plants and factories, etc.—don’t have the benefit of regular or steady air conditioning. This does not have to be the case; this is one of the reasons Spot Coolers exist.

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The Spot Cooler

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Spot Coolers are simple, efficient, affordable, and portable devices available for Houston heatwaves, and other locations. They provide effective temporary cooling for almost any location imaginable, including industrial work sites. Their cooling effect reaches just the right area range and has adjustable temperatures.


Industrial Use


As long as a site has a plug and a place for the exhaust hose, a Spot Cooler can be installed in most locations.


  • Cool down areas of a building in which construction workers are laboring; you can place one, or more than one, on each floor.


  • Let industrial workers take breaks in a nearby tent where a portable Spot Cooler is waiting to help them find some relief.


  • If the power goes out in your factory or other facility, Spot Coolers offer a great alternative while you wait for standard AC to come back.


  • If your buildings are so large that effective air conditioning is sometimes simply not enough, these simple machines are a great supplement to your standard AC.

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If you’re in Houston, somewhere else in Texas, the South, or just miserable in the heat, consider a Spot Cooler. Your local Portable AC carrier offers them, and they come in handy whether you’re working at an industrial site, or your AC has failed you at work, at home, at school, and almost anywhere else.