Most people think of portable cooling as something that’s used in the event of an emergency. While it’s true that spot coolers are often used in emergency situations –such as, when the air conditioner in an office building breaks down—they are also used for a variety of other purposes. Spot coolers can provide cooling in many different environments…not just emergencies.

Spot coolers can be used for:

  • Event cooling—Portable cooling is ideal for special events, such as an outdoor event in a tent. Spot coolers can be strategically positioned to keep all event attendees cool and comfortable.
  • Planned maintenance—Another common use for portable cooling is during scheduled maintenance of an air conditioning system. Routine maintenance is essential to keeping HVAC systems running efficiently, but it’s important to have an alternative cooling system in place during the downtime. Spot coolers can fulfill that need and maintain a comfortable environment.
  • Long-term cooling—Think spot coolers are only a temporary cooling solution? Think again! Portable coolers can be used in many long-term applications where adding costly, permanent equipment just doesn’t make sense.

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